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Collaborating closely with various household brands in the bathroom industry, we provide comprehensive services encompassing the supply and installation of your new bathroom. From the initial planning stage to the final completion, we guide you through each step of the process. See below for a detailed, step-by-step guide.

Step 1 - Design

Teaming up with our design experts, we'll blend your favorite styles to create your dream design. And to top it off, we'll bring it to life with realistic CGI visuals! Together we can make your vision a vibrant reality.


Step 2 - Rip out

Once all the designs are wrapped up, we'll gear up to kick things off on site. During the planning phase, we'll hash out the project timelines, adjusting our schedule to accommodate your needs and minimise any interference with your daily routine. After that, it's time to get down to business and rip out the existing bathroom.


Step 3 - First fix plumbing & electrics

After we've cleared out the bathroom, we can coordinate the installation of the initial plumbing and electrics. This involves relocating pipes, wastes, and sockets to the right spots, fitting concealed valves and cisterns, and constructing any necessary new stud walls. 


Step 4 - Tiling preperation

Once we've conducted pressure tests on all the freshly relocated pipes and valves, it's time to dive into the tiling preparations. This involves fitting a backer board on the walls slated for tiling or using standard plasterboard if painting is in the cards. Additionally, we'll waterproof the wet areas, ensuring a fully protected and water-resistant environment


Step 5 - Tiling

Here's where the project gets seriously exciting. As the tiles start going in, you'll finally get a real feel for how the finished product will look. Plus, if underfloor heating or LED lights for niches are part of the plan, we'll make sure they're seamlessly integrated during this stage.


Step 6 - 2nd fix plumbing

Once the tiles are all in place, it's time to bring in the finishing touches by installing all of the sanitary ware. This includes connecting everything to the plumbing we set up earlier. It's the stage where your new space truly comes together, and every element starts to harmonise. 


Step 7 - Completion!

After going through all the earlier phases, there'll be a final visit to carefully apply silicone to every corner and internal joint. With this last touch, the installation process wraps up, leaving you to fully enjoy the satisfaction of a flawlessly installed, brand-new bathroom!

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